Outreach & teach

Primary school talks

For the last couple of years I have been giving talks to primary school children. I currently have two talks – one is entitled Plants, Science and Girls and the other is called Sustainability: Use less stuff; Waste less stuff. I have spoken twice at each of the following schools – Bellevue Hill Public School, St. Catherine’s School and Moriah College. The kids love seeing a ‘real scientist’ and always ask me amazing questions! I have now signed up with the CSIRO’s “Scientists and Mathematicians in Schools” program to formalise and extend my partnership with Moriah College.

St Caths 3 cropped
Stage 1 students at St Cath’s

Science Festival

As part of National Science Week in 2017 I spent two days at the Australian Museum’s Science Festival with some cool plants and activities for the kids. On each day about 1000 primary-school aged children came to the festival.

Aus Mus Science festival
It’s a plant that eats animals – but you’re safe!

Tours of UNSW glasshouse

In December 2017 I organised and ran four tours of the UNSW glasshouse for Year 5 students of Randwick Primary School. We had over 80 kids come through to learn about some of our research and see some cool and interesting plants!

glasshouse tours



In 2017 I was a weekly demonstrator during practical classes for the first-year biology course “Evolutionary and Functional Biology” at UNSW. The course has ten practicals which examine the history of life on earth and the relationship between environment, adaptation and function.

Me and dad at prac
My dentist dad checking that I know my vertebrate teeth!


After winning the 3-minute thesis competition at the EERC Postgraduate Research Forum in November 2017, Ben Newsome from Fizzics Education asked me, along with a colleague, to chat to him for his podcast series.

Check it out here:  https://www.fizzicseducation.com.au/Blog/x_post/Podcast-how-to-nail-a-3-minute-thesis-00343.html